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Spatial order beyond cities : Integrating spatial planning at the regional level in India

January 27-28 2017, IIT Chennai

In South Asia peri-urban areas are growing at a much faster pace than many core cities and towns. These areas, which are beyond a city’s administrative limits but adjacent to them, are transition zones between urbanised pockets and the rural agricultural hinterland. Unplanned growth in the context of environmental changes, including climate change, poses serious challenges to sustainable development. In the face of these complex dynamics it has become imperative to assess and steer the development process in these regions in order to ensure their sustainability and resilience. 

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October 17 2016, Quito

Spatial order beyond cities - integrating spatial planning at the regional level in India

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22-24 November 2016, Puri

Project Planning Workshop

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25-28 October 2016, Auroville

Project Planning Workshop with National and State Partners from Tamil Nadu

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Land Use

Dialogue on a Regional Planning approach at the District level in India

6th-7th September, 2017, IHC New Delhi, India


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