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Technology Summaries

European Consortium Partners

Icon FHNW 1 (369KB)
Development of novel highly cross-linked polymers allowing the specific recovery of high value added phenolic compounds from olive mill wastewater
Icon FHNW 2 (231KB)
Nano-biocatalysts as tertiary treatment for the removal or organic micro pollutants from municipal waste water
Icon IRSA 1 (584KB)
Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge coupled with Membrane Bio Reactor (IFAS MBR) as an innovative municipal wastewater bio-treatment
Icon IRSA 2 (343KB)
Tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater with Gravity Disk Filters (GDF) followed by UV disinfection
Icon UFZ (388KB)
Improving wastewater treatment by Constructed Wetlands (CW) via integrating slow sand filtration
Icon VITA 34 AG (596KB)
Optimization of engineered Constructed Wetland systems: Alternative filter material for the reduction of pathogen contamination of waste water
Icon TM solutions (442KB)
Innovation in Constructed Wetland design using combination of surface and sub-surface wetlands
Icon VITA 34 (714KB)
Novel system using floating plant mats for treating waste water for agricultural reuse
Icon IRSA3 (755KB)
Sequencing Batch Biofilter Granular Reactor (SBBGR): An innovative system for municipal wastewater treatment

Indian Consortium Partners

Icon MSSRF 1 (531KB)
Treating sugar mill effluent in hybrid model of vertical and horizontal flow Constructed Wetland and utilizing in an Integrated Aqua-Agro Farming system (IAAF)
Icon TERI 1 (1021KB)
Activated carbon and membrane filters from sugarcane bagasse ash for the recovery of phenolics/pigments from molasses distillery wastewater
Icon MSSRF (454KB)
Sequentially integrated bio-treatment system to enhance distillery effluent (DE) quality and its reuse in agriculture