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Second Annual Review and Planning Meeting for India and Second Indian INNOVA Platform Meeting

28-30 September 2015, MSSRF Institute, Chennai

Water4crops-India organized its Second Annual Review and Planning Meeting in Chennai, India from 28-30 September 2015. The consortium under the coordination of Dr. Suhas P Wani, ICRISAT, presented the most recent developments and activities performed during the last year. The partners were encouraged to exchange and analyze information on current progress of the project and future plans were made to increase the mutual integration within W4Cs EU and Indian consortiums. 

On 29th September 2015, Water4Crops-India organized its 2nd Indian INNOVA meeting at MSSRF Institute, Chennai. W4C INNOVA platform meetings aim to support partners in the development of innovative technologies that meet a real demand by bringing together experts and stakeholders in the fields of technology production, technology use, marketing and policies. The 2nd INNOVA meeting was conducted to analyze the costs/benefits of the technologies developed under the project. The meeting brought together technical experts in the field of wastewater treatment and water use efficiency from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and EnviroTech Water Management Pvt. Ltd. These experts were challenged to explore business opportunities and analyze the cost/benefit of the new technologies that were presented by the project partners. The meeting facilitated lively discussions between researchers and experts in which the relevance of technology for target users, economic viability and other issues related to applicability and market uptake were addressed. Mr. Raghu Babu Nukala represented GIZ at the meeting as an expert and suggested researchers to also consider policy relevance of the technologies being developed.