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Effectiveness of Training on Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM)

March 23rd 2015, Mumbai

During the past six months since inception of the project on “Facilitating Effectiveness of Training on Municipal Solid Waste Management”, several initiatives have been taken for providing hand-holding support by GIZ & CSEDI to selected 12 ULBs for effective implementation of MSWM interventions. The project was conceived as a follow up support after providing five days training to these ULBs. The ULBs have been successful in initiating the process requirements for MSWM and putting in untiring efforts to streamline the solid waste management system and bringing about a visible change in their cities and towns.. In this regard, a State Level Workshop was organised on 23rd March 2015 at Hotel West End, Mumbai to share the learnings and experiences. The main objective of the workshop was to showcase effectiveness of the training and post training support and to highlight the initiatives undertaken by the ULBs with respect to municipal solid waste management. Furthermore, to share the key learnings and experiences and to deliberate on how the tools and methods used during this project can be replicated and scope of relevant up-scaling of the project.


Ms. Meeta Rajeevlochan, Commissioner & Director, Directorate of Municipal Administration  Government of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Landge,  Director, Maharashtra Environmental Engineering Training and Research Academy (MEETRA), Mr. Pramod Dabrase, Director, Centre for Sustainable Environment and Development Initiatives (CSEDI), Ms. Shweta Dua, Technical Expert,GIZ, Mr. Jeevan Pradheekaran, Senior officials from Maharashtra, Mr. Chandrakant Gajbhiye, Ex Director, MEETRA, Chief officers, engineers and operational staff from selected cities and towns across Maharashtra, Dr. Prince William, Scientist, NEERI, Nagpur, Mr. Subhash Dalvi, MCGM also participated and shared their views.

Ms. Meeta Rajeev Lochan congratulated the efforts of GIZ, MEETRA & CSEDI on preparing the training modules on MSWM for different stakeholders and conducting the successful trainings for MSWM for selected ULBs. However, she emphasised on the fact that the contents of the training should be standardized and its implementation should not be restricted to few ULBs. She also mentioned that State is open to support such initiatives with the continuous back end support from GIZ & CSEDI. Furthermore, she said as a proactive step to take this training forward 650 ULBs will be trained for SWM by MEETRA.  

Participants from Khapa Municipal Council and Mul Municipal Council shared their experiences and elaborated on how this approach of ‘post training support’ made profound impact and contributed to turn around the SWM scenario in their towns.

Recognising the usefulness of the tools and methods used during the project, the learning from this project and the recommendations will be submitted to the State Government for further scaling  up and its applications.