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Facilitating Effectiveness of Training on Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Maharashtra

January 24, 2015, Khapa Municipal Council, Maharastra

As a part of providing hand-holding support to the select municipal councils in Maharashtra, an experience sharing workshop was organised exclusively with the participants who had attended the training sessions earlier during June 2014. The objective of the workshop was to share experiences and learning by all the participants after training at MEETRA. 

The workshop was inaugurated with felicitation of 'Sant Gadge Baba', social reformer and the symbol of cleanliness and lamp lighting ceremony by all Guest including President of the Khapa Municipal Council. On behalf of Khapa Municipal Council Mr Lakahdkar welcome all the participants. Mr Budhe of Khapa Municipal Council informed the participants about key features and interventions taken up by the Council after the training. 

Mr. Pramod Dabrase, Director, CSEDI, in his inaugural address, informed the participants about the project purpose and purpose of the workshops. He emphasised on the uniqueness of this project that it was first of its kind, its usefulness in ensuring hand holding support to the participants by providing them different tools such as Google Group, Whatsapp, Telephone Communication and Field Visits. He also emphasised that the results so far were very encouraging in few ULBs who are actually looking forward for this kind of support. 

Ms. Shweta Dua of GIZ said that all elements of solid waste management are useful and people should make use of the different platforms made available under this project so that implementation can be more effective

Further, the session was addressed by Mr. Dinesh Budhe of Khapa Municipal Council. He emphasised that most of the activities are take up after the training. Initiatives such as ban on use of polythene bag, door to door collection, revival of processing facilities, community mobilization, source segregation, etc have been taken after the training. He presented current picture of Khapa City and obstacles. He raised a very significant issue of plastic waste management in the city. He stated that, though the use of plastic bags (less than 50 micron meters) is banned in the city but it is still used in the nearby city council of Saoner. Due to which the merchants and consumer questions the motive of the administration as why the use of plastic bags is banned in Khapa city as it is not banned in Saoner.

During the discussion, the participants shared their experiences in cities, after training. All the participants were of view that after training, they can still be in touch with the trainer and others on phone or on Google group and Whatsapp group, though later tools were less preferred for different reasons. It has been advised to all the participants to frequently share their views, ideas, thoughts, issues and problems faced at their city while implementation of MSW in their city.