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Municipal Solid Waste Management Training

 23-27 June 2014, Nashik, Maharashtra

Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) Training was organized by Maharashtra Environment Engineering Training & Research Academy (MEETRA) with the support of GIZ-IGEP from 23-27 June 2014 at Nashik, Maharashtra. This training was conceived as a roll-out of the MSWM training and Training for Trainers (ToT) that had been conducted by GIZ-IGEP in which MEETRA had participated.

The objectives of the training program were:

  1. To impart proper understanding of the concept and process of Sustainable Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management to the field staff working in Municipal Corporation/ Council.
  2. Learning the skill of planning, executing, monitoring and selection of appropriate treatment method for the proper management of Municipal Solid Waste.
  3. To sensitize participants for encouraging citizen’s participation in Municipal Solid Waste Management and to keep their city clean and green.

The major topics covered during the training were as follows,

  • Orientation to MSW along with the classification and characterization
  • Principles of SIMSWM and elements of MSW management chain.
  • Roles & responsibilities for various field staff
  • MSW Rules & Guidelines
  • Case studies presentation
  • SLBs importance in MSW
  • 3R approach
  • IECSustainable Technological options
  • Field visits to Slaughter House waste treatment plant, Nashik Municipal Corporation’s MSW Treatment & Disposal plant at Nashik