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Effective Presentation and Communication Skill - Training to newly recruited officials of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

A capacity building program was conducted by Ms. Anita Stogel, Communication Expert, GIZ Team, on ‘Effective Presentation and Communication Skill’ at Karnataka State Pollution Control Board for Sixty three newly recruited Assistant Environmental Officers and Scientific Assistants on 26th to 29th May 2014.  Training was conducted in two batches, two days each. The opening speech of the session was delivered by Ms. Bineesha, Senior Advisor, GIZ-Bangalore, with a short introduction about GIZ Bangalore’s activities.

The training process:

The main focus of the program was Presentations, Negotiations, Moderations and Value Systems in workplace. Ms. Anita initially explained about the basics of communication and typical presentation scenarios which were followed by the interactive sessions and exercises like making group presentations, 4 Ears Model, one minute presentations. The participants were asked to provide few real case scenarios which they would encounter when they start work. Thus public hearing, conflict management, moderation situations, negotiations etc were enacted through role plays. 

The officers were very interactive and keen to enhance their skills especially on the elements of a good presentation, negotiation with the industries and time management. Each batch was divided into four groups and was working on different scenarios of a presentation, where every officer was given an opportunity to come up with an individual presentation which eventually helped them overcome the stage fright.

Outcome and learnings:

All of these officers are new recruits and have not started working yet; they were enthusiastic to learn public/media handling skills, communication skills which will equip them to interact with their senior officers/colleagues/industry and how to build up confidence. The officers also mentioned that punctuality and time management are most important at a workplace and the inspiration was Ms. Anita. On the last day of the program, Mr. Shailendra Dwivedi, Communication Head, GIZ-Delhi, accompanied Ms. Anita and gave his valuable inputs on the ways of communication through few activities.

The 2nd and the 4th days’ of the trainings, the last session were reserved for the feedback sessions from the trainees and certificate distribution. The certificates were given by Shri. Vaman Acharya, Chairman, KSPCB and Shri. Vijaya Kumar, Member Secretary, KSPCB. The trainings were conducted to enhance communication skills, values, time management and punctuality and enhance the interpersonal skills of the KSPCB newly recruited staffs. The trainees were asked for the feedback on the training skills of the trainers, training content, training methodology, and their inputs on the final take home values which will allow them to forge ahead in their domain of work and life as well. The trainees did participate with utmost enthusiasm and zeal and came up with their views and suggestions on the same. All the suggestions were recorded and drafted for future references and betterment of the training practices. Overall, the final day of the training session provided us with a fruitful insight into the values which were inculcated by the recipients.  Some of these were even recognized and mentioned by few of the participants during the discussion, e.g. presentation skills training helped them overcome the stage fear and boosted their confidence. The training served the purpose it was held for.

Chairman during his address mentioned that it is important to practice values like honesty and follow work ethics. This is of utmost necessity in the current scenario when corruption is becoming rampant in these sectors. The Member Secretary in his address mentioned that it is important to practice what is learnt in these trainings and also reinforcing the learnings. He highlighted his experience of how trainings have helped him in his day to day life.

Follow-up agreements: GIZ-KSPCB would conduct refresher courses for the same target group on specific topics in the month of October. A detailed needs assessment will be communicated by the trainees after they start working.