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Urban Samvaad - An interactive exhibition showcasing young ideas for Indian urbanization

8 -10 November 2013, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, 4-Block-B, Indraprastha Estate, New Delhi 110002

From 8 -10 November 2013 Urban Samvaad – an interactive exhibition showcasing young ideas for Indian Urbanization was held at the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi inviting students, faculty, urban professionals and citizens to engage in dialogues on how Indian urban development can become inclusive and sustainable.

The exhibition was one of the main activities of a long-term collaboration between SPA, ND and Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH under the on-going “Indo-German Environment Partnership”-Programme (IGEP).

Urban Samvaad (Samvaad means Dialogue in Hindi) was an interactive and dialogue-oriented exhibition, where students from various planning departments of SPA, New Delhi shared the results of their research on Indian urbanization with urban professionals, policy makers and the general public.

This exhibition provided a unique opportunity for promoting innovative forms of education for future planners, architects and other urban professionals to deal with the challenges of Indian urbanization.

Ten individual research works and 2 team projects from SPA students and graduates from Urban Planning, Transport Planning, Environmental Planning, Housing, Regional Planning and Industrial Design were brought together under a common theme and showcased in this exhibition. At each panel the students themselves presented the issue at stake, discussed their well-researched solutions and explained what would be needed to bring solutions on the ground. They invited the visitor to participate in small interactive activities that made complex topics such as disaster management, financing models for housing or planning of a metro corridor comprehensible and tangible.

Shri V P Baligar, Chairman and Managing Director of HUDCO and Shri Rakesh Ranjan, Advisor at the Planning Commission of the Government of India inaugurated the exhibition on Friday, November 8, 2013 together with Prof. Chetan Vaidya, Director of SPA and Dr. Regina Dube Head of the Sustainable Urban Habitat component under the Indo-German Environment Partnership (IGEP) Programme.

After the inauguration a street play by SPANDAN, the theatre group of SPA, ND offered the visitors a different perspective on Indian Urbanisation. On Saturday morning experts from the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) and SPA, ND discussed which skills, approaches and competences urban professionals will need to manage Indian Cities in the future.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the Urban Samvaad Adda, where the guests could engage in informal dialogues and discuss the newly acquired knowledge over a chai and leave their feedback on little birds on a wire.

The way the participating students from SPA, ND presented their work, engaged with visitors from different institutions and engaged them in meaningful exchange during Urban Samvaad already showed the success of this project as an activity for capacity building for upcoming urban professionals.

The feedback of the over 300 visitors, which came to the exhibition during the three days, showed that Urban Samvaad was truly an innovative and exciting project for knowledge transfer in the urban sector. SPA, ND and GIZ-IGEP will build on that success and see understand Urban Samvaad as a starting point of their collaboration in the field of innovative capacity building.

Find the complete documentation on Urban Samvaad on: http://urbansamvaad.weebly.com/

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Day 1

Friday, November 8


4.30 pm

Inaugural session and a guided tour for honorary guest

6.00 pm

Tea and snacks

 6.30 pm  Naksha.Nukkad.Nakhre: SPANDAN Street Theatre Play (in English)
Day 2

Saturday, November 9


10.30 am

Inaugural session and a guided tour for honorary guest

11.00 am

Panel discussion “Who can manage Indian Cities?” – Education and capacity building of future urban professionals

from 3.00 pm onwards

Chai and a chat with exciting urban professionals at the Urban Samvaad ka adda

Day 3

Sunday, November 10


10.30 am

Opening of exhibition

11.00 am

Chai and a chat with exciting urban professionals at the Urban Samvaad ka adda

3.30 pm

Closing of the exhibition