National Consultation on "Partnering for Effective Environmental Governance in India"

September 24-25, 2014, New Delhi

The platform brought together key decision makers from 9 States, industry representatives, academia/researchers, and representatives of civil society. The consultation has identified individual, institutional and systemic bottlenecks and has recommended pathways for environmental compliance and effective enforcement of environmental laws by environmental regulatory authorities in India, particularly, at the state level.

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September 12, 2014, Hasan Karnataka

The Bio-Medical Waste Management & Infection Control Workshop

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September 09, 2014,  Delhi

Roundtable on a upcoming book on “Urbanisation Trends and Criticality of Urban Land in India”

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August 20, 2014, IHC Delhi

Conference on "Common Effluent Treatment Plants in India: Issues, Challenges, Opportunities & Way Forward"

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More about GIZ work under Urban & Industrial subsector



All India Environmental Journalism Competition

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IGEP Magazine

IGEP :Let’s Talk Sustainability, August 2014

A magazine of the Indo-German Environment Partnership programme

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Sustainable Industrial Development

A GIZ Rapid Animation on Plannning of New Industrial Parks

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Understanding Sustainable Consumption in India

A GIZ Rapid Animation on Sustainable Consumption and Production

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India’s Future Needs for Resources

Dimensions, Challenges and Possible Solutions


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IGEP in the News
Business Lines, 24 November 2012

India must 'speed up' green power power projects

Coverage of GIZ's workshop on "Common Effluent Treatment Plants"